Greece: I came, I saw, I was conquered

Your pix and writing are beautiful. I am reblogging your post to my blog which also has pix of Santorini and Athens and some of my thoughts.


This is the travel account from my Greece trip. I have always dreamed of visiting Greece, but now that –finally- I visited it, I will always dream of going back one day. I spent three weeks reading about the country before visiting it, but that was a mistake, a crime. Even three years are not enough to prepare the passionate traveler for the treasure that this country is…a country blessed with every beauty imaginable. This post is a tribute to Katerina Synodinou and Giorgos Thanos, my dear Greek friends as well as my passionate companions and extraordinary guides in Athens.

I- Ode to Greece

There is a kind of beauty that makes you smile, another that leaves you awe-stricken, and yet another that makes you sigh, as if in grief. Greece is one of these few places on earth where you can feel all three forms of beauty, as…

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