Santorini, also known as “Thira”…

Santorini is also known as ‘Thira”.  It is one of the small Greek islands, with rich variety of landscapes and villages.  At the highest point of the island is the classic Sanitorininian town or la, also spelled as Oia, with its white washed walls houses and blue domed churches.  The stunning view from tis village has attracted lots of tourists, including celebrities.  Most of us want to come back again and stay for at least a week.  The sunset view from this village is said to be among the world’s most beautiful.  Unfortunately, we had to go back to our ship, and missed the sunset view.

This is the end of my Santorini series.  If  like to see the beautiful Santorini in a Gallery, click any of these pictures below.

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  1. Thank you for visitng our blog. Glad that you all like the pix of Santorini. It is indeed a dreamland for vacation and relaxation. Please stay tuned for other beautiful travel pictures of Link Photography!

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